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Gin Silver Seagers

Silver Seagers the new gin premium of Stock.

The Seagers brand is produced in Brazil for over 80 years with the same British original formula.
Leading with tradition and quality the gin market in Brazil, Stock launches the Silver Seagers London Dry Gin Premium.

A perfect alchemy of imported herbs and spices, with harmonious botanical combination that gives to the Gin Silver Seagers an unique touch of aromas and taste, without losing the soul of the gin that is the classic juniper flavor.

INDEXATION NCM/HS: 2208.50.00 -- Gim (gin) e genebra
  • Category Distilled Alcoholic Gins
  • Attributes Nutrition Gluten free
  • Certifications Religious Koscher

Distillerie Stock do Brasil

Commercial Contact: Valéria Cristina Natal
Phones: + 55 11 5845-1777
Skype: Valeria-exp
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