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CNPJ 61.087.367/0001-89 Commercial Contact: Murilo Costa
Phones: +55 11 3199 5658
Skype: catupiry.exportacao
Website: Address:
Rua Reims, 118
São Paulo - SP, CEP 02517-010
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About the Company

In Brazilian´s native indigenous language (Tupi Guarani), Catupiry means “excellence”. And this excellence began more than 100 years ago in Minas Gerais, when the Italian immigrants Mário and Isaíra Silvestrini produced the first soft and spreadable cheese of Brazil. From a family recipe, the couple gave birth to Laticínios Catupiry®, a dream that became true in November of 1911, in Lambari. What they did not realize was the soft and spreadable cheese with creamy consistency but firm and the round handmade wooden boxes would be a national icon.

In addition to Original Catupiry, the brand has an extensive line of products, for different moments of consumption. Breakfast and snacks, with traditional spreadable cheese, flavored spreadable cheese (turkey breast, black olives, fine herbs and dried tomato) and cream cheese. For cooking, with flavored Catupiry  (dry tomato, leek, cheddar and 4 cheeses flavor) and for baking, cheese rolls filled with Catupiry.

Catupiry is a very versatile product, can be used in the preparation of sweets and salty recipes, and for this reason has become a key product among Brazilian chefs.


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