About the Project

The Brazilian Flavors


Brazilian Flavors is a sectorial project designed by the Brazilian Food and Beverage Exporters and Importers Association (ABBA), fruit of the agreement signed since 2006 with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency - Apex-Brasil (under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MRE).

The Brazilian Flavors project supports and encourages the exports of processed products by it members through Commercial Promotion Actions focused on the selected target markets. The promoted products are directed to the final consumer and have high quality and added value, presenting one or more distinguishing attributes, such as: typical of Brazil, healthy, gourmets, functional, sustainable, organic, unique in the world, certified etc.

  • To contribute to the increase of the exports of our members in value and volume; 
  • To assist our members in the search of new markets; 
  • To incorporate new companies in the export activity; 
  • To establish national and international partnerships; 
  • To assist our members with the international market.
Target Markets

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Chile and Germany.

Distribution Channels

Retail, Food Service, Importers, Distributors and Private Label.

Main Actions
  • To facilitate the participation of our members in International Fairs (Brazilian Flavors pavilions) and other events;
  • To organize Business Roundtable with international buyers; 
  • To identify and constitute trading partners in target markets (Brokers and Distributors), with the objective of supporting our members in the activation/expansion of their exports;
  • To promote Brazilian products through tastings in retail networks (POS actions); 
  • To conduct Commercial Missions in the target markets of the project; 
  • To generate international visibility to associates and their respective products, through the Brazilian Flavors website.
Benefits To our Members
  • Opportunity to participate in International Fairs and Events, with a reduced cost in relation to individual participation;
  • Participation in Business Rounds with international buyers promoted by Brazilian Flavors, with reduced cost in relation to individual participation;
  • Opportunity to participate in International Missions promoted by Apex- Brazil;
  • Foreign trade training and workshops, with reduced cost in relation to individual participation; availability of generic (free) or customized market studies (on demand);
  • Access to the Project database;
  • Networking with foreign trade participants;
  • Possibility of insertion of micro and small enterprises in the exporting activity.
To the International Client
  • Centralized access to a diversified portfolio of high-quality industrialized food and beverage producers.
To Brazil
  • Positioning Brazil‘s image abroad as an exporter of differentiated Foods and Beverages, of superior quality and high added value;
  • Positive contribution to the Trade Balance;
  • Diversification of the Brazilian export tariff;
  • Generation of direct and indirect jobs.
The Brazilian
Flavors' Brand
Brazilian Flavors

Each color represents the abundance and quality of natural resources.

Yellow - a tropical, sunny climate, favorable for growing food.
Green - rich flora, represented by the Amazon.
Blue - Hydrographic resources that are the elixir of flora and fauna life.

Letter B, as in "Brazilian", in the form of "heart", portrays the love and affection with which we produce differentiated and high quality food and drinks.

Letter F as in "Flavors" represents the aroma, arousing the smell and the palate.



Dry Groceries

  • Sweeteners
  • Coffee
  • Cereals
  • Chocolates
  • Confectionery
  • Canned food and sauces
  • Sweets and Desserts
  • Spices
  • Plant Extracts
  • Dairy Products
  • Vegetables
  • Other powdered drinks
  • Bakery
  • Animal proteins
  • Snacks

Frozen / Refrigerated

  • Sweets and Desserts
  • Dairy Products
  • Bakery
  • Fruit pulp
  • Animal proteins
  • Ice creams
  • Vegetables



  • Appetizers / Drinks
  • Cachaças
  • Craft Beers
  • Sparkling Wines
  • Gins
  • Liquors
  • Ciders
  • Vermouths
  • Wines
  • Vodkas
  • Whiskies


  • Coconut waters
  • Refined seawater
  • Sugarcane juice
  • Teas
  • Energetic/Functional
  • Dairy products
  • Soft drinks
  • Juices
  • Syrups

International Presence

Brazilian Flavors and the products of the associated companies are present in several countries of the world:

Brazilian Flavors' Actions Members' Exporting Destinations

Members You can refer to all companies in the Find Members menu
Managing Comittee

It is responsible for the governance of the Project, deliberations on demands, adequacies / focus of actions and management of resources.