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CNPJ 82.015.652/0001-64 Commercial Contact: Regina Tuller
Phones: +55 44 32328186
Website: Address:
Rodovia BR 376 KM 188 , LOTE 300A
Marialva - PR, CEP 86990-000
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About the Company

Our Company Lightsweet. - Industria e Comercio Ltda sells a wide variety of products diet, light and easy to prepare zero sugar, aimed at consumers who choose to reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet because of diseases like diabetes or obesity, or simply because they want to maintain power healthy.

Our products range from Powder chocolate and coffee, Wafers, sweeteners, soft drinks, sweets of various kinds (pudding, cake, mousses, condensed milk, gelatin) to Sugar, salt and tea.

The performance of Lightsweet covers trade with various countries in the region such as the cases of Dominican Republic, Panama, Paraguay, as well as other regions, as in the case of Germany, Hungary and Japan.

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