Distillerie Stock do Brasil
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Distillerie Stock do Brasil

CNPJ 60.606.449/0001-20 Commercial Contact: Valéria Cristina Natal
Phones: + 55 11 5845-1777
Email: valeria.natal@distock.com.br
Skype: Valeria-exp
Website: www.stockdobrasil.com.br Address:
Rua José Félix, 87
São Paulo - SP, CEP 05742-050
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About the Company

Since 1935,  Stock has been concerned about adequating its products to the actual tendencies of consumption in Brazil.

With a huge and complete line of alcoholic beverages, which has always stood out for its extraordinary quality, high technology and unique sophistication, the company consolidated its image and leadership in the market of liquors with 17 singular flavours in the Stock line and 9 flavours in the Stock Gold Line. 

Stock is also the  leader with the aperitif  St. Deny and the Gin  Seagers.

Its line is completed with Vodka Starka, Whisky Mark One and Mark One with Honey, the Bitter MezzAmaro and a Steinhaeger.

Stock produces  too a natural concentrated non-alcoholic syrup (31 flavours), Kaly, which is excellent to prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, flavour the coffee, in the culinary, etc

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