Ocean Par
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Ocean Par

CNPJ 07.702.999/0001-60 Commercial Contact: Silvio S. Paixão
Phones: +55 11 99943-5089
Email: silvio@oceanpar.com
Skype: silvio.paixao
Website: www.63water.com Address:
Av. Lacerda Franco, 1343
São Paulo - SP, CEP 01536-001
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About the Company

The Ocean Par Group – oceanic water improver and distributor – a Brazilian enterprise setup to process marine waters.

Ocean Par owns the technology of a new concept for purifying oceanic water, which has established a new frontier in the potable water and health products segment.

By Nature, oceanic waters are the foremost, self-renewable water resource on Earth – oceans’ nurturing and life-plentiful attributes is the result of its abundant diversity and richness of substances like minerals and proteins. Ocean Par’s innovative technology brings the vital minerals at trace levels, necessary to help the human body better self-process, revitalize and hydrate in its quest for health and wellbeing (please, see WHO Micronutrients Unit). Ocean Par’s composition of a minimum of 63 minerals offers a great deal of nutrition and stamina, a much larger range of essential elements to living beings than any other spring, mineral and purified water.

Ocean Par’s products unmatched health-upholding qualities and pH around 7.4 make them incredibly light, refreshing and delicious beverages – a life-enriching experience.

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