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63 Water Vital Minerals

The 63 Water Vital Minerals® is oceanic water brought ashore, purified and refined by its technology to deliver a 100 percent natural, completely salt-free, refreshing beverage.

But more than just great taste, drinking a 63 Water Vital Minerals® is an easy way to obtain the trace minerals that are vitally important for your body to function at its best and for your overall well being.

From babies to the elderly and everybody in between – discover the benefits beyond just hydration.

500 ml / 16.91 oz / 1,1 lb

24 months



INDEXATION NCM/HS: 22.01 -guas, incluindo as águas minerais, naturais ou artificiais, e as águas gaseificadas, não adicionadas de açúcar ou de outros edulcorantes nem aromatizadas; gelo e neve.
  • Category Non-Alcoholic Water
  • Attributes Differentiators Gourmet/Specialty Nutrition Biodynamic Sustainable Environmental Responsibility
  • Certifications Religious Koscher Food Safety FDA

Ocean Par

Commercial Contact: Silvio S. Paixão
Phones: +55 11 99943-5089
Email: silvio@oceanpar.com
Skype: silvio.paixao
Website: www.63water.com
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