Fleur de sél from Mossoró-Brazil * the informations are responsability of the associate

Fleur de sél from Mossoró-Brazil

Translated as "Flower of Salt", Fleur de Sel develops as the sea salt dries by the sun. A tasteful finishing for any dish. Only the premium, top layer of the salt bed is hand raked and harvested, making it known as the "Caviar of Salt". 

140g / 4,94oz / 0,31lb.

12 months


INDEXATION NCM/HS: 0910.99.00 --- Outras
  • Category Dry Groceries Spices
  • Attributes Differentiators Gourmet/Specialty Typical of Brazil Nutrition Non-Transgenic Lactose free Gluten free
  • Certifications Nutrition and Health Non-Transgenic Nutrition and Health Gluten Free Nutrition and Health Lactose Free

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