Velho Barreiro
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Velho Barreiro

CNPJ 49.629.777/0001-09 Commercial Contact: Joeny Cremasco
Phones: +55 11 3674 1300
Website: Address:
Avenida Marginal Presidente Kennedy, 1005
Rio Claro - SP, CEP 13501-500
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About the Company

Industrias Reunidas de Bebidas Tatuzinho 3 Fazendas Ltda is an independent Family-owned company with a large experience in producing, bottling, blending and distributing cachaças and other beverages.

IRB Tatuzinho was founded in 1950 in Piracicaba City, the country side of São Paulo state, is one of the most important cachaças producing company. We are in a prominent position in Brazil with our renowned brands such as Velho Barreiro, Tatuzinho and 3 Fazendas. 

Our cachaças are presente in more than 40 countries worldwide with solid business growth year by year over the last 15 years.

IRB Tatuzinho is managed by family board of directors with sales and administration offices in São Paulo city.

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