BR Spices
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BR Spices

CNPJ 21.418.616/0001-57 Commercial Contact: Gabriel Daniel
Phones: +55 11 38761549
Website: Address:
Av. Dr. Dib Sauaia Neto , 392
Barueri - SP, CEP 06465-140
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About the Company

We are a young company, 100% Brazilian, born of a modern and affordable kitchen. We carry in our DNA the creativity, joy, and entrepreneurial spirit of Brazil. More than a seasoning brand, BR Spices is the main ingredient in an incredible story to share: a passion for food.

Good cooking for us is the creative cuisine. We built our product mix uniting aromas and flavors in a unique way, with all the knowledge of our founder, young chef Gabriel Daniel. Creativity is in the right choices: working with non-industrialized ingredients, choosing long-time producers, and caring for a healthier life. We also combine unique flavors and blends to goals that go beyond a recipe, we want to break prejudices and translate the best traditions of the good table in a current and uncomplicated way.

BR Spices rethinks how people and businesses relate to each other, and thickens a new gastronomic moment. We believe in the direct and attentive relationship with each client. We architect our products to value the best moments around the table. We are encouraging the culture of eating well and good cuisine. This is the motto that makes us wake up early every day.


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