Bottarga Gold
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Bottarga Gold

CNPJ 11.037.688/0001-09 Commercial Contact: Vinicius Zucco Orsi
Phones: +55 47 33498696
Skype: vinicius.orsi
Website: Address:
Rua Marciano Marchetti, 136
Itajaí - SC, CEP 88.302-530
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About the Company

Bottarga Gold is produced from the Grey Mullet roe fished in the clear waters of Santa Catarina State, south Brazil.

It is cured in a 100% natural and artisanal procedure following the Italian traditions, totally free of preservatives.

Bottarga Gold has an extremely high nutritional value and is a rich source of proteins and Omega-3, that reinforce the body health, acting positively beyond on the cardiovascular system and strengthening the immune system.

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