Bravo - The Original Açaí
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Bravo - The Original Açaí

CNPJ 127915060001-45 Commercial Contact: Gabriel Arruda
Phones: +55 11 2639 2017
Skype: gabriel.bravoacai
Website: Address:
Rua Claudio Soares, 27, Cj. 514
São Paulo - SP, CEP 05422-030
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About the Company

Everyone knows that eating healthy in a balanced way contributes to the well-being.

We strongly believe that eating well makes you fell good and influences the quality of life. That’s why BRAVO Original Açaí principle is offer tasty and real healthy foods made only with natural ingredients.

We are a brazilian company that loves Açaí berry, the superfruit borned in Amazon rainforest considered one of the most nutritious fruits in the world.

Try our powerful Açaí Bravo, the purest Açaí in packages ready-to-eat and the first one prepared only with all natural ingredients and selected by nutritionists. Our recipe is unique and FREE of preservatives, GMO’s, refined sugar, soy, dairy and gluten free.

Bravo Açaí is the newest healthy snack option to recharge your energy or start the day.

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