Baggio Café
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Baggio Café

CNPJ 7584456000195 Commercial Contact: Liana Baggio Ometto
Phones: +55 19 3541 7000
Skype: liggio
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Rua Porto Alegre , 62
Araras - SP, CEP 13603121
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About the Company

The Baggio Coffees is proud to offer one of the best Brazilian Gourmet coffee. A coffee produced by people passionate for earth who arrived 126 years ago from Italy with empty pockets, and the faith that could move mountains. Today already in the fourth generation the commitment and the dedication to produce the best coffee, goes from the seed to the cup. The result is a drink with exceptional characteristics. Today Baggio Coffees as they are internationally known, are produced in the best regions for the coffee plantation:  Alta Mogiana, South of Minas Gerais and Cerrado Mineiro. The farms of the family work as an assembly line, where nature is preserved, and the process from the seed to the roast, goes through strict control so that there is no waste and no quality loss. The social concern result in a united and solid team that makes the Baggio Gourmet Coffees tasty and irresistible. And with the purpose of diversifying the product line, Baggio has created  Baggio Aromas, which join  excellent beans with delicious aromas and the capsules compatible to Nespresso System. They are differentiated coffees that please the most demanding people at very special moments.

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