Água Mineral Teresópolis
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Água Mineral Teresópolis

CNPJ 01.295.191/0001-29 Commercial Contact: Alexandre Coutinho
Phones: +55 21 99353 6484
Email: alexandre@aguateresopolis.com.br
Website: www.aguateresopolis.com.br Address:
Estr. Getulio da Fonseca Veiga, S/N KM 11
Teresópolis - RJ, CEP 25990210
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About the Company

Agropecuaria Itatiba (Mineral Water Teresópolis) is a water extraction company focused on spring water from natural sources, located in the mountains surrounded by the Atlantic Rainforest next to Rio de Janeiro. The natural spring water is bottled by the company and commercialized in different sizes: 310ml, 330ml, 510ml, 1270ml, 1500ml and 5 liters. Adding gas to the pure water, the company also sells the sparkling version.

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